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Our pantry is a fee based service and is a great solution for those needing long-term help.

Our pantry gives you access to a great selection of foods without the supermarket price tags.

Food includes but not limited to fresh fruit & veg, bread, meat, fish, ready meals,

ambient food and non-food items such as sanitary products, toiletries etc.
We also can include donated food that we have prevented from going to waste, food that is still

good to consume but otherwise would have ended up in landfill, So it also helps our planet!🌎


There is an initial £5 joining fee which is renewed annually and then you select which pantry

tier suits you best, you can start on a smaller tier and change to a different tier as and

when you want, it is completely up to you. We can offer delivery*please ask our team*

 Our pantry tiers are listed below.

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